In this section we are bringing you most topical issues and news related to the SET Plan - Central European Energy Conference 2017 and energy policy and energy security in general.

The Communist Party was obliged to tackle environmental pollution, if it did want to risk losing legitimacy, China expert says.

While the European Commission wants to accelerate the deployment of low-emission vehicles, Slovakia continues to drive in the slow lane.

The experience with nuclear energy and hard coal shows the way for the energy transition.

Slovakia’s energy sector will be almost carbon-free in 2030, says Norbert Kurilla.

The political climate for nuclear energy is not very positive in Europe, admits William D. Magwood, IV, and the industry is currently shifting towards Russia and Asia as a result.

Progress in negotiations on Nord Stream 2 depends on changes to the gas directive, Estonian Deputy Minister for Energy ANDO LEPPIMAN said in a phone interview.

The 10th annual SET Plan conference will again run in conjunction the 11th Central European Energy Conference (CEEC XI). The conference will be held under the auspices of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Slovaks help Ukrainians to implement energy saving measures in municipalities.

Hungary works with Russia on a new power plant and with Iran on new technologies.

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